Our Approach

The Sixteen Thirty Fund is an independent 501(c)(4) organization that uses a fiscal sponsorship model to maximize our impact and create lasting change. Sixteen Thirty Fund and the projects we support are fighting for economic equity, affordable health care, climate solutions, racial justice, voter access, and other essential social-change goals.

Sixteen Thirty Fund Model

Identify a cause for incubation.

Sixteen Thirty Fund is a platform to help nonprofits, advocates, institutions, and progressive causes quickly and efficiently launch new projects. Interested projects approach Sixteen Thirty Fund and together they determine if the partnership is a good match.

Sixteen Thirty Fund becomes the project’s fiscal sponsor.

Once Sixteen Thirty Fund becomes a project’s fiscal sponsor, the project is able to quickly launch and get to work while operating under Sixteen Thirty Fund’s legal and tax-exempt status.

Project sources funding.

Like other fiscal sponsors, Sixteen Thirty Fund is not the original source of funding for the projects it incubates. When a foundation or funder makes a donation to support a project, the fiscal sponsor receives the donation on behalf of the project. Sixteen Thirty Fund follows all local, state, and federal law with respect to the disclosure of individual donors.

Sixteen Thirty Fund provides support to help the project scale quickly and efficiently.

Instead of projects setting up their own infrastructure, which is time-consuming and expensive, Sixteen Thirty Fund provides projects with a variety of administrative supports, such as legal and compliance, HR, and accounting and payroll. This streamlined model means projects can launch within weeks rather than months or even years.

Project remains part of Sixteen Thirty Fund, becomes independent, or ends.

Once a project has been incubated, the project can choose to have Sixteen Thirty Fund remain its fiscal sponsor, become its own independently operating entity, or in some cases, end its activities.

The Impact We Make

The Sixteen Thirty Fund leads projects across the United States.




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