About Us

The Sixteen Thirty Fund is an advocate for change. Since 2009, it has fiscally sponsored over 45 initiatives and managed over $75 million in revenue for local, state, and federal advocacy campaigns spanning social and environmental issues. The fund is overseen by a board of directors that has extensive experience in philanthropy, nonprofit management, and policy and advocacy. 

Why Launch a 501(c)(4) Initiative?

Donors, advocates, and social entrepreneurs increasingly realize that in order to advance change at scale, having the best idea isn’t always enough to win. Sustained, movement-level progress requires hybrid strategies that engage different levers of power—including building the political muscle to build momentum for movements, inspire public support, recruit influential champions, and overcome opposition at the local, state, and federal levels. In an increasingly volatile and well-funded political environment, donors and changemakers who care about policy issues must engage all the tactics at their disposal—to educate the public about key issues, draft and pass strong policies, elect officials who support them, and hold those officials accountable for implementing them.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund provides a fiscal sponsorship vehicle for donors to direct capital toward social welfare projects that include advocacy, lobbying, and some political and electoral activities. Whether in response to imminent political or legislative actions or as part of a longer-term policy strategy, Sixteen Thirty Fund’s team of policy and advocacy experts works closely with donors to ensure compliance, make the most efficient use of limited resources, and provide day-to-day operational support, freeing up the time of project staff to focus on critical programmatic work. Because a social welfare organization can also engage in any activity a 501(c)(3) can, projects at 501(c)(4) organizations offer an excellent vehicle to have the broadest impact, either alone or as a complement to purely charitable projects. We can help you determine the right mix of tactics and vehicles, including parallel 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) campaigns, that will help you achieve your goals.